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Stefan Hedman

Therapist and healer

Stefan Hedman is a therapist and healer. He helps people with physical and emotional problems.

Stefan has developed a very effective anger management method. So if you have a problem with anger management this is your best opportunity to start to see the end of it. Here is a short description of Stefans anger management method.

He can also help with Mental Training to transform most aspects of your life. If you do want to perform better in sports, function better at work or in your private life, his coaching can change your life. And best of all - the change is more easy to accomplish than you dare to believe.

Stefan has, among other things, education in NLP (Neuro Lingvistic Programming) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), and extensive knowledge in energy psychology and energy medicin.

Stefan is a Master of Science in Physics.

Stefan is also an NLP-Master and a Reiki Master.

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